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Retail Should Look into QR Codes (pt. 2)

A Japanese advertising poster containing QR codes

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Ok so we now have a basic premise as to why I believe retail stores have a need to create traffic to their physical stores and how a store might use a QR Code to create a more immersed customer experience. The goal is to provide a great mobile experience and tying in the Brand’s own social media efforts into a single QR code.

Mobile Web

Since the main purpose of a QR code is to direct a mobile device to a URL, it is only natural that a mobile web interface must be considered. I find a lot Continue reading


Let’s back up. What is a QR Code?

The other day I’m raving away about the QR Code and how it might change the face of marketing for about 5 mins to one of my friends when he interrupts me and asks… “What is a QR Code?”. I’m honestly surprised when I hear this question but it is a valid one. When you get wrapped up in something you find exciting or interesting it is often easy to forget that not everybody is on the “same page” with ya. And after realizing I now have to explain what it is and THEN repeat my story I felt I better do the same for my blog before moving to part II of QR in retail… So, What is a QR Code?

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Retail Should Look into QR Codes (pt. 1)

Evolve video on QR uses

This post will go back and explore my Christmas experience. The experience was filled with online shopping, visiting the malls searching for that perfect gift, long lines, pushy patrons, and p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e ultimate test. Basically I’ve had to grudgingly forced myself through the holiday retail experience musing about tripping the next jerk to bump into me, cut me off, or staying too long at the massaging demo chair when they get up to leave. But I do really enjoy times like these for the creativity that some brands and stores use to lure customers. Even though the lure is still uncertain, the latest is the QR Code.

Lately I’ve seen more QR Codes beginning to appear in retail stores. QR Codes are new to the U.S. but have making some progress in Europe and Asia for a while now. Being naturally curious There’s more…