About The Author

My name is T.J. Claridge and I enjoy finding connections in the chaos of data. Ok, cool intro done – So a little about my background; I graduated from Boise State University with degrees in Marketing and International Business. I found my passion for marketing late in my college career since I was encouraged to choose a minor. I was fascinated by looking at human generated data as a way to identify something new or unique that we could not otherwise observe naturally due to the hustle and bustle of an individual’s life; which often changes just as fast for the same reasons. This led me to pursue my degree in marketing. My business education provides me an overall view as to the importance of measuring success or failure while the analyst in me loves to dig in the dirt.

Today I work for a local digital marketing agency, [wire] stone, where I began an internship just before graduation. My internship began by performing some simple tasks and much observing until some trust in my ability grew. With a little luck and some help from within, I landed a marketing research analyst position. My role is to help our team perform discovery research into products and brands as well as the social space to identify trends, perceptions, competitors, and usage of their social media brand image. I work with our web analysts to create metrics and provide insights to the overall team which lead to strategies. I use tools such as Alterian SM2 and Radian6 to scrape the internet and data warehouses to build reports that track strategy efforts, measure results, and provide recommendations to the internal team or client presentations.

I’m not sure exactly where this blog is heading to be truthful, but I do know what I want to get out of it. I have a note book I often write odd ideas in but I fail to flesh them out. It is becoming more of an idea grave. I want a space I can throw ideas on the wall and explore the new things happening in marketing, technology, science, and global events. Maybe an occasional ramble or two. I also appreciate your feedback, contribution, and opinions so feel free to comment away. People often find the answers, insights, and our errs in the oddest of places. I hope this turns out to be one of those places personally for me.

Disclaimer-This blog is of my own personal thoughts and opinions. I hold no authorization to speak on behalf of any other entity living, dead, or about whom I may mock, impersonate, and jokingly muse.


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